Monday, March 4, 2013

Grasslands (Post 3 in which I abandon unrealistic weekly deadline)

Ok, so my life is too crazy to impose tight deadlines on myself this year.  I sometimes think that I can create more time by sheer will but when it comes down to it that just means no sleep.  Thus, I will move forward at a pace conducive to happiness and sleep.  I had a friend save all her pink muhly grass clippings for me to experiment with and I ended up creating a mini grassland in the boys' bedroom. Since I was having trouble deciding between these images I posted them both(Little Lion Man and Incandescent) along with some old photos in the grasslands of Ireland. Preferences? Thoughts? 

Little Lion Man

Monolith(Taken in Ireland in 2007)


Grazing(Taken in Ireland in 2007)


Cecily said...

I am so happy we are getting to see your Ireland photos! The wildness of the Muhly grass settings suits your wild boys perfectly!

Giuliana said...

I love these, Lauren . Brilliant!