Thursday, January 24, 2013

52 Old, 52 New, 52 Weeks, So much to do! (Week 1)

As the new year was approaching I began thinking about starting a project in 2013 and thought I might do a photo a day and post it here.  Thankfully, my husband talked me out of it cautioning that not only would it be hard to sustain but he also pointed out that I would most likely end up with 365 loosely conceived and loosely tied images.  Considering this advice and how I work I thought that perhaps a weekly photo would be more appropriate and ultimately more likely to lead me into a new project. I need time to think, time to plan and time to play in my process.  Because I feel the need to move forward on many fronts this year, I decided that in addition to creating a photograph every week, I will also uncover a photo from my negative archives to scan and prepare for printing.  I will move forward with new ideas while finishing and pulling together old ideas.  We were busy with guests the first few weeks of the new year so I am just lauching myself into this project and I have 'Week One' images to share...

Peaceful Place


Tuatha Dé Danann (taken in Ireland in 2007)


Gene Lazo said...

Nice. I really enjoy the interesting twists your thoughts take.

Lauren_Doran said...

Thanks Gene and thanks for taking the time to look:)

Cecily said...

The image of Rowan is magical, the suitcase like a womb. I especially like that the left lock is slightly akimbo, implying that the case has a mind of its own. Move over, Chris Van Allsburg!