Thursday, January 20, 2011

A New Year and a New Project

"What about last year's portrait project?" you say.  Well, amidst the relocation, the many moves (3 to be exact) and terrible first trimester of pregnancy I have still managed to come out with close to my 100 Portraits.  I obviously will not have completed them all in 2010 but I am OK with that.  I am currently up to #87.  So, 13 more to go.  To see the portraits visit my flickr set: 100 Portraits Project.  Here is #87:

So, while my 2010 project isn't quite complete I am moving on to another project for 2011.  It is ambitious and may extend beyond the year, but I am going to put what creative time and energy I have this year into it.  I am going to attempt to illustrate a novel with photographs.  I have been reading in search of a book that speaks to me for some time now and I believe I found it.  The novel is Housekeeping by Marilyn Robinson.  It is a beautifully written book like none other I have read.  Images were whirling through my mind as I read it.  I have several ideas to start with and hope I will find the time to shoot and share soon. 

Over the next year I also hope to find a way to finish a series I started in Orlando and tried to wrap up the shooting for on my journey through Orlando over the holidays.  I think I am going to call it Omniscient Oaks.  I still have some processing and editing work to do but as long as that goes well I should have all the photographs I need.  I would also love to find a way to print them myself, but we will have to see what I can manage.  Here is a new one from that series taken over the holidays:

Well, Happy New Year and hope to blog a little more this year:)