Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Little Push

My inlaws came to visit us in our new home in Charlotte, NC this week.  We took a trip to the new Mint Museum in uptown which was fun because my mother in law entertained Rowan and I could actually look at the artwork and absorb.  The trip got my creative juices flowing.  It has been many many months since I have had the time, mental space or even the desire to work on something creative.  I had to dig deep but I found some photos I had taken in the spring using a projector and branches from the yard.  Originally  I had been taking the photos to use in logo and website designs but upon returning to them I thought the simple compositions were quite interesting.  Once we find a house here and truly unpack I am sure that old projector will surface again.  And if I am not swamped with renovating and raising two kids I just might play around with this idea some more.


My original motivation for the photos was for use in designing a new website which is still in progress...well maybe more accurately on hold.