Thursday, July 1, 2010

Portrait #34: Haunchiclese the Great

Haunchy has been a neglected kitty since Rowan came along and usurped her throne, but she has handled it pretty well.  As usual, she wandered into the scene where I was setting up to take photographs looking for some love and attention.  This time I got a great shot of her...and so here is my one and only pet portrait of the project...doesn't she look regal?

Portrait #33: Ships Passing in the Night

Life here has been a bit hectic.  Ian has been traveling and working like crazy so our little family has not had much quality time together.  Rowan and I both miss him and look forward to some slower more relaxing times soon...and maybe a vacation too?!?  I was out of town visiting my parents for Ian's birthday but here are a few photos taken on one of the few days we have had together recently...