Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Wrangling

Rowan's cousins came for a visit this past weekend. Isabelle had her work cut out for her.  We wanted a photo of the three of them and it was up to her to hold on to the boys.  This was not an easy task!  Jackson is scooting away in most of the shots but she managed to reign him in for a brief albeit not so happy moment here.  Rowan was trying to explain to him that all he had to do was sit still a moment and look at the camera and then they could get back to banging pots or whatever it was they were up to.  Something in the struggle and the many limbs reminds me of a painting of Greek mythology. I'm not sure which myth; maybe Romulus, Remus and the she-wolf Isabelle?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Portrait #27: Baby Blues

Newborns are quite a challenge to photograph, but it is so rewarding to capture this brief moment of tiny perfection.  This photograph was my favorite from a recent shoot.  I was so happy to capture my little friend's beautiful big blue eyes.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fancy Dinner in St. Augustine

Rowan goes to bed early which can be interesting when traveling.  On our recent trip to St. Augustine to meet up with my mother and aunt, Rowan was ready for bed before we were ready for dinner.  Take out was our only option, so I put Rowan to sleep while Mom and Aunt Kathy went out for pizza.  We were staying in one hotel room and once they saw how light of a sleeper Rowan is (Rowan woke up as soon as they came in the room), it was decided that we would just have to eat dinner in the bathroom.  Luckily it was a very nice hotel with a very nice big bathroom with a partial wall separating the toilet from the rest.  But, the fact remained that we were eating dinner in the bathroom, ahhh how children change your life!

A few more from our trip...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Portrait #26: On the Move

Rowan is on the move these days.  This image captures that movement for me; Papa has a hold of him but not for long.  We are on the move too; a new house and new projects.  Everyone told us that children change your life, but the extent of the change is unfathomable until you are swimming in the midst of it.  Buying a house and moving are big events regardless, but with a baby, WOW!  We are lucky to have family close enough to help us through. Thanks Papa and Granny...come back soon:)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Portrait #25: The Poet

My father in law is actually a painter not a poet, but in this image he looks like a poet to me.  Perhaps it is the intensity of his gaze, perhaps the dappled light or maybe it reminds me of a photograph of a poet seen on dust jacket long ago.  During his visit we discussed artists and living on the edge and how being close to that edge can really drive creativity...he mentioned that poets, of all artists, lived closest to that edge.  Perhaps I have captured something of Bill's edge in this image.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Portait #24: Blossom

Rowan just flourishes with visits from his grandparents.  My in-laws stayed with us for a week helping us move into our new house and giving us some time to unpack.  Rowan started all sorts of new things while they were here.  During his time with Granny on the front porch bathed in the scent of orange blossoms, Rowan started sitting up on his own and mastered pulling himself into standing.  He even started learning to fall- cute little plops.  I wish all of our family was close by because Rowan is just so happy with all the love and attention.  Luckily I think we can expect more visits from Granny and Papa soon!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Portrait #23: Seer

My husband has his mother's eyes.  They are big and beautiful and they see things others don't.  My mother in law sees through the haze that distorts the views of so many of us.   She can size up any situation from complex family relationships to home renovation projects and see exactly what is going on and what to do about it.  As someone who is in a perpetual fog (but hey, there a good photos to be made in fog:) I admire such clear vision and decision making.