Thursday, March 25, 2010

Portrait #22: Mamma

Gavin is at such a cute age.  I was hanging out with him in the living room one day while Cara was getting ready and he kept running over to the hallway and yelling "Mamma! Mamma!" after Cara.  I would successfully distract him for a few minutes, then he would lose interest and sneak away to yell for her some more.  I can't wait for Rowan to call me Mama, all in due time I suppose.  I had a hard time picking my favorite of Cara and Gavin, but I think one captures the joy of a 14 month old best.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Portrait #21: Old Friends

One of my oldest friends came to visit recently.  Cara and I have been friends since grade school; something like 20 years now!  Her youngest son Gavin is 7 months older than Rowan.  We sat them down together for a little photo shoot and the results are pretty hilarious.  I had a hard time choosing one as they are each quirky in their own unique way.  This particular one made Ian and I laugh the longest and hardest.  They make such cute little buddies; from old friends come new friends! 

I couldn't resist, a few more outtakes...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Portrait #20: Uncle B

Rowan just adores his Uncle B.  Somehow B inherited every bit of the wee bit of Italian we have in us.  I like the contrast between his olive skin and Rowan's pure white complexion. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Portrait #19: In the Brambles

For B...may this be a year of climbing out of the brambles.

Portrait #18: Me Da

Growing up I often wondered where I came from, where I fit in.  As a strong willed/self indulgent/myopic teenager I felt my creativity and wanderlust were completely out of place and unique in my family.  In the years since, I have come to know my parents as people.  When I learned of my maternal grandmother's travels my desire to travel became a family legacy instead of a freakish urge.  My father and I have always been alike; we are calm, reserved, steady yet questioning.  In recent years he began writing poetry and I realized that we share something beyond personality traits; the desire to create.

During a summer in Ireland I attended an art exhibition; The Fantastic in Irish Art.  One of the artists believed that the Irish were an inherently spiritual and creative people.  I loved this idea and thought about my own creative wellspring being connected to this deep and vast aquifer; an aquifer my father's well pulls from too.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Portrait #17: Riding Tall

My Dad found Rowan's newest love...riding tall on his shoulders.  He loves the high perch and wants to see who is down there holding him up.  It is so nice to have this time with my parents and my son and thanks to this project I am making the effort to capture it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Portrait #16: My Mother

I usually read to Rowan before naps and bedtime.  He seems to enjoy it unless he is overtired and cranky.  We both have our favorites- he likes In My Den with a little bear cub that I move around while reading to him.  I like one called My Mother is Mine.  It is illustrated with soft pastel drawings of animal mothers and babies and describes a mother:

     My mother is soft
     My mother is strong
     My mother watches me long and long
     My mother is pretty
     My mother is brave
     My mother still loves me when I misbehave

I hope Rowan will one day think such things of me.  It is very likely he will think these thoughts as a child, but what will he think when he is an adult? 

I recently asked my mother to sit for some portraits which made her squirm in discomfort.  She hates photographs of herself, though I am not sure why.  I think she is beautiful.  I also think she is forgiving and amazingly strong.  In crisis or tough times I am glad my mother is mine.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Portrait # 15: Big Kisses

The past few weeks have been filled with visitors and excitement.  Rowan seems to thrive on having lots of people around so this week we are both adjusting as we return to our quiet and calm routine.  I have a back log of photographs to sort and process which makes me happy because  I love the feeling of having work to do.  It is interesting that with digital photography I find sorting and choosing the final photos the most challenging part of the process.  I guess it is because I shoot so many that it becomes difficult to determine exactly what I want to say; I have so many different moments and perspectives captured.  I will have more to share soon, but for now here is one of my mom and Rowan.