Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Reflections

Parenthood brings about a whole new take on the holiday season. Luckily we have a few years before Rowan is old enough to really know what all the holiday hoopla is about; by then maybe we will have acquired all the necessary accoutrements for a truly American Christmas. This year we did not opt to wrap our porch and palms in lights like all the neighbors, but we did get a tiny tree. All of our ornaments are still in storage, so anything larger would have been quite bare. It is cute and Rowan-sized. I am looking forward to an exciting new year full of many new firsts and hopefully some exciting photographic projects.

This past year was a pretty exciting one as well. I started the year off hunched over a toilet with morning sickness in a friend's San Francisco apartment. The highlights of 2009...
  • Pho in San of the few things I could eat at the time:)
  • Surprising my dad for his retirement/60th birthday party
  • Rowan was born
  • Got my first digital SLR
  • 5th wedding anniversary
  • Orchid photo show
  • Rowan's first smile
  • Rowan's first laugh
A pretty exciting year I'd say! Happy Holidays to all.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Book

I just published a photo book of Rowan's first few months on blurb as a Christmas gift for the grandparents (shhh don't tell). It was quite a feat to get all the photos together- it turned out to be 36 pages! The preview looks good and I can't wait to see it in print. You can check out the first few pages by the following the link below. Unfortunately the preview doesn't get to some of my favorite shots of Rowan. There are a few great Christmas ones which will I will save until we get a little closer:) Here are are few little bear shots....