Thursday, January 8, 2009

Morning Sickness My Arse

In case you were worried; I am still alive. I found out after our Thanksgiving trip to Colombia that I am pregnant which is exciting and joyous, but since then I have been suffering from debilitating nausea- also known by the misnomer Morning Sickness. I spend a lot of time on the couch in the fetal position mimicking the wee fetus within. Almost everything has fallen by the wayside; photography, blogging, cooking, eating properly, cleaning, my marriage...well maybe we are still holding that together. I often get dizzy and sick from using the computer which has made writing anything at all here a challenge. It is immensely frustrating to be unable to do much of anything and I anxiously await a nausea-free day. I am in my 11th week now and from what I hear I should start feeling better sometime between 12-15 soon as I am able I will return with dazzling prose and stunning Polaroids. Until then, wish me well:)