Saturday, December 6, 2008


I returned home from Colombia almost a week ago now and I'm still not sure where that week of my life went. I have been in a sleepy, delirious or nauseous state all week as I have been fighting off the worst flu I have ever experienced. I was sick almost the whole trip as well, but I ignored my aching body so that I could enjoy our vacation. Perhaps this only lengthened my illness, but vacation is vacation, right? I am on the return now and hope to be back to normal by Monday. I shot some photos in Cartagena that I hope to make some Polaroid transfers with this week. We enjoyed our travels and were pleasantly surprised by how beautiful Colombia is. I should have spent some time prior to the trip brushing up on some Spanish as finding an English speaker is not easy, but between Ian and myself we were able to figure things out. Here are a few snapshots from out travels.

Lunch in La Candelaria in Bogota

JC, David and I outside of a house we toured in Cartagena