Saturday, November 22, 2008

Suitcase Sayonara

I bought an old red suitcase at a thrift store a few weeks back and I had some fun with it in my makeshift studio as well as on a trip to the coast. Serendipitously, as I was contemplating how I should deal with the 9 day cessation of Polaroid printing, this little suitcase sayonara series arrived back from the lab and seemed the perfect answer. Well, I am off; I hope to return with a vast new pool of images!

November 21: Packing Party

November 22: Washed Ashore

November 23: Near and Far

November 24: Horizon

November 25: Distant Shores

November 26: Baggage

November 27: Destination Unknown

November 28-30: Suitcase Sayonara

Friday, November 21, 2008

On the Move

I have had a busy week, it seems like I have been constantly on the move. This coming week is sure to continue that trend as we will be traveling in Colombia. I have a few images to share: the final dead bird and my orchid plant, a gift from Ian when he was having a bad day. I will say goodbye tomorrow morning with a special set of images prepared for my weeks absence. I may stop by and upload a few digital pictures from Colombia if I get the chance. Otherwise, have a good week and a happy Thanksgiving!

November 19: Final Bird

November20: Orchids

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Miming Amelia

I bought a vintage swim cap a few weeks back and I decided to play around with it at the end of a roll of film. I had no preconceived ideas for the photographs, but when I got them back I thought the striped shirt was reminiscent of a French mime and the swim cap of an aviator cap. I find it fascinating how the brain is always trying to make associations and find some way to explain images.
November 18: Miming Amelia

November 17: Bubbles

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another Week Come and Gone

I've been shooting a lot recently, so I have quite a bit of new black and white and color work in the scanner queue. My Polaroids are still coming along as well, but with so much new work I haven't been able to find scanner time for these prints. I finally put aside my stacks of film today and documented the accumulated prints of the past week.
November 9: Blue

November 10: Fern

November 11: Little Feet

November 12: Poem

November 13: Brass

November 14: Brass and Bird

November 15: Lost Flight

November 16: Shed

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hi-fi Lo-fi

Even after years of creating photographic art, I am amazed at how much time and effort it takes. There is a perception amongst some in the art world that photography is somehow easier or less creative than art forms like painting or sculpture. I think it is in some ways one of the most challenging art forms. By its very nature, photography is inextricably tied to technology; a photographer must constantly learn and master new technologies while still following their creative vision. This week I have embarked on the long process of learning to scan my negatives. It is an intensely complicated process and I am trying to wade my way through all of the available information to find out how to get what I want out my scans. I also recently purchased a Diana camera which I am considering bringing on my trip to Columbia next week. I figured I'd better shoot a few rolls and see how they turn out before committing. Here are a few shots from a trip I took to the beach last week of decidedly lo-fi images as scanned by my hi-fi new scanner.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Experiments in Jars

I started a photo series in VA which I call The Green Wall. I had hoped to finish it before we moved, but alas I don't seem to be able to work as fast as I am able to think. In these images, the lighting is experimental, and I often find I need to reshoot the scene after seeing my initial results. Recently I bought a Polaroid back for my camera, so now I can get instant feedback on my lighting. I had an idea for an image with fireflies in a jar, so I started to play around with it on Polaroid film before shooting the actual roll. I should get my film back and scanned soon to compare results.

November 8: Fireflies

Friday, November 7, 2008

An Exceptional Week

I am feeling quite happy, quite hopeful for the future this week. For the first time in a long time I have the sense that our country is headed in the right direction. I recently found a non-profit here in Orlando called Page 15 which focuses on offering supplemental literacy education for students in Orange County. I plan to put together a photography and writing workshop to offer the kids. Today I found out that through the refugee program I signed up to volunteer with I will get the chance to help an Iraqi student and her family in their transition to the US. On top of all of these exciting developments, I had a great morning. I went to the coffee shop to meet a new friend to talk about photography. I brought some of my Polaroids to show her. She really liked them. As we talked a couple approached to ask me about the camera I had on the table. Then they saw the Polaroids and were intrigued. As I was leaving they stopped me to ask if they could purchase one, which I was happy to offer them. I sat down and talked to them a little more and met the family they were visiting. It is always encouraging to meet people who are interested in and enjoy your work. I am grateful to them for being so inviting and supportive; it made my week.
November 5: Suspended

November 6: Wings

November 7: Suspended with Love

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Scattered School

I just listened to a podcast of Forum from 10.28.08 on innovative thinking. The guest was a neuroscientist talking about the conditions required to become an innovator or iconoclast. It was quite fascinating. He claimed the first step was to experience a change in perception allowing one to really see things differently. He said this often was something accidental, like the loss of vision in one eye or a jarring experience. I think this is why so many creative people get wanderlust; it is a desire to have one's perception of the world somehow turned on its head. In a world where information travels so quickly it seems somehow harder to really see things in a new way. The next step is to overcome the fear of new, unfounded ideas and the fear of failure and the final step is to use one's social intelligence to convince others of the merit of these new ideas. It is extremely challenging to come up with really new, groundbreaking ideas. But it is probably even more challenging to overcome fear and convince others. I will leave such monumental tasks to others and leave you with this...

November 4: Scattered School

Monday, November 3, 2008


Witness the many quirks of Polaroid peel apart film...
November 2: Ball
November 3: Dishcloth on Fire

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween and the Day of the Dead

On Halloween Ian and I walked around downtown marveling at all the bizarre costumes and enjoying the hallicinatory, dreamlike experience. I was amazed at the number of women who dressed up in outfits resembling street walkers. I saw one couple where the man was dressed up as Cookie Monster and the woman wore a glittery gold garment that barely covered the minimum. There is something disturbing about Sesame Street characters getting mixed up with trashy women. It made me think of Meet the Feebles and I had to laugh.

October 31: Pumpkin

While Halloween is always entertaining, I have always been more drawn to All Souls Day (as I knew it growing up) or the Day of the Dead. Someday, I would like to go to Mexico for Dia de los Muertos. I love the idea of celebrating the dead with a party in the cemetery.

November 1: Dia de los Muertos