Friday, August 29, 2008

Polaroid Sketchbook Project

My life and work are often marked by times of transition and times of stillness, each with its beauties and challenges. I find myself now entangled in both times. I have that quality of stillness, free time, to think and create and yet I am transitioning between different modes of life and methods of creation. I don’t have the space to create a full darkroom yet I don’t have the equipment to work digitally. I am working on a combined and blended approach, but this setup is still off on the horizon, while I am here camera in hand. In this moment I am compelled to embark on a project to keep me thinking and moving forward with new thoughts and ideas. As I work out my analog-digital system, it seems fitting to turn to what has been deemed an obsolete format- the Polaroid instant analog print. I am thinking of this as a Polaroid Sketchbook Project, where the Polaroid photographs serve as sketches: brief, light or informal compositions, made as preliminary studies. As sketches, these Polaroid transfers and emulsion lifts would provide inspiration and starting points for other, larger projects and yet as the prints accumulate perhaps they will take on a life of their own. I am not certain how this project will unfold, but I will start will a daily Polaroid for the month of September.

Here is a warm up shot, a Polaroid transfer of a swan on Lake Eola:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pola-play: New Polaroid Transfers

I have always wanted to experiment with Polaroid lifts and transfers, so when I heard Polaroid plans to stop film production in 2009, I figured the time had come. I bought a cheap Polaroid back for my Bronica and started to play. I love how so many new ideas and possibilities open up with a new format!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hiatus Terminus

Wow, its been a while. The past two months have been filled with excitement, goodbyes, old friends, family and new ideas. We moved from our little house in the mountains to the heart of downtown Orlando. I am looking for work and working on a new photography set up. I am excited to be in a new place with new ideas and great old oak trees. Before we left I shot a few rolls in the green room. Here is my favorite from that last shoot....