Thursday, February 14, 2008

Trying to find a rhythm to this livin'

I have been on a hiatus as I have been working hard at the unglamorous side of creating; just getting stuff done. I recently printed the set of Dublin Wall photographs that I took this summer in Ireland. It was a fun and relatively painless process once I got into the groove. The photos were all taken under the same lighting conditions with the same film so I didn't have to do very much adjustment to the enlarger once I found that sweet spot. They are all printed 16x20 and although they are a huge departure from my other work, it has been a refreshing departure. I have also been shooting quite a bit recently. I am attempting some still life photos which is also a departure, but I am trying to shoot them in a style of my own. We'll see if anything exciting and new comes of it, if not, it has been fun to just play around. While in Ireland I conceived of a project based on tree mythology and the Ogham alphabet and calendar. I shot a series of photos which didn't quite convey my intentions. I have been working on a way to manipulate the photos in the darkroom to more closely express my intentions. In the meantime I have wanted to return to my watercolors, which I left and haven't really returned to since before the new year, so I thought I could begin a year long series also based on this tree mythology. The idea would be that every month of the Ogham calendar, I would create 13 drawings; 12 5"x5" watercolors and one large charcoal drawing which culminates from these smaller studies. I am currently in the month of the Rowan which ends next week. I have much work to do, but I am excited after my fist successful drawing.